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On Monday may 6 2013 Police announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect in connection to the murder of Nighisti Semret last year. Semret, 55, was murdered in a laneway near Bleecker Street early in the morning of October 23, 2012 as she walked home from her job at the Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto’s Cabbagetown area. “Based on the fact that the offender took some interest in relation to the bag that Ms. Semret was carrying, and in relation to opening it, I’m going to suggest that robbery could be a very strong possibility,” (The star). The suspect is male, about 150 to 180 pounds with a medium build and dark eyebrows. She was an African refugee who lived alone and had no known family in Canada.

This poor woman wasn't bothering anyone she worked, kept to herself and wasn't a bother to anyone according to reports. What could she have possibly done to deserve this? My heart goes out to her family very sad and for no reason but I know that the Toronto Police will apply the maximum resources possible as they set out to apprehend this killer his method of selecting his victim is random.

The Moral of the story is that Crime is a serious issue if you take one’s life away you lose your right to life. This will make others think twice before committing such acts, as well as show the value of a human life by punishing those who kill innocent lives.


Maira I hear your frustration over this senseless act.  There is nothing that Nighisti Semret could have done, or anyone for that matter, that would justify this act of violence.

Hopefully social media will spread the news and the attacker(s) will be caught and brought to justice.

This is a truly sensless act and I can understand how it may have cought your attention.  The question I have however is how does this story relate to social media.  Could we use social media to inform others about violence and crime in Cabbagetown or maybe start a fund to generate a reward for information about the murderer.  Is there any information on any social media sites about how women can protect themselves when walking alone?  To me the real power of social media is that it can take that one step beyond what the mass media feeds us and allows us as individuals to voice our opinions.  Hereis another question did the Star set up some kind of blog about this story inviting peoples opinions? 

It's weird to think people still murder people...

Hopefully social media will help people realize we're all one. We're more alike than we are different. And killing someone is just incredibly stupid.

These are situations when social media can be good - it can really help in the search for people, it gets the word out a lot faster 

Agreed...more senseless violence - it is very disturbing.
Kudos to the TPF for putting up the $ - I hope it helps...
I think social media should be used more to aid in solving crimes

TPF ????...sorry TPD - Toronto Police Dept

I share the sadness with you when I read this news. I feel sorry for the family of Nighisti Semret to experience such bad news. I hope the murdur can be found as soon as possible, to give the comfort to the family and peace to the death. However, the dead is past away. The life of the living should coninue. The bad thing will not stop there forever. I hope the family don't be too sad about it and otherone should be alert by the crime. Self-protection should take into action.

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